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Finding Squirtles


I was 12 when we got an Atari. I mostly remember playing Pac-Man. There was something cathartic about being able to eat all of those white dots. Who doesn’t love to eat? And then I found it gratifying to turn around and gobble up the multi-colored gh... Read full article

The Case of the Missing Library


I used to consider myself an organized person who rarely lost anything, definitely never a library book. Now that I’m the mother of twins and a daughter who loves books, I can no longer attest to this fact.... Read full article

26 Ways to Know You Might Be a Mom of All Boys


Coming from a family of all girls, I never pictured myself as a boy mom. But one, two, three rambunctious boys later, I’m knee-deep in the waters of Legos, mud, and potty words, and it doesn’t look like I’m getting out anytime soon. You, too, may be ... Read full article

The Secret Formula for a Happy Marriage


To nurture our marriage, my husband and I have a regular date night, we’ve read The Five Love Languages, and we see a couples therapist. We’ve found all of these strategies helpful, to varying degrees. ... Read full article

5 Things Only A Mom Would Say On Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, long before your mom days, you probably dined by candle light in some swanky restaurant. After you gave birth to those sweet little munchkins, your meal is more likely to involve baby spit up or chicken nuggets. Besides the lack o... Read full article

Eat, Pray, and Bring a Change of Clothes


I love to travel. Before becoming a proud parent of three darling cherubs, everyone said to me, “Enjoy traveling now because once you have kids, you won’t be able to do it anymore.” Well, I proved all the naysayers wrong by hopping on that plane with... Read full article

Why Do I Buy Toys? A Humorous Listicle of Toys that Aren’t Toys


Why do I buy stuff? The novelty of opening up a gift is the most exciting part of stuff. In the pandemic, when we first locked down, I thought I could buy my kids’ sanity with more things. I bought art supply kits, toys, and even a bounce house.... Read full article

One Ratty Summer: How a Rodent Taught My Campers Resilience


As a parent, I know how scary it can be (deep breath) to send kids to sleepaway camp for the first time. When I contemplated my daughter, 12-year-old Gracie, going to overnight camp for the first time, I had my own share of brown-bag ... Read full article

Snacking with the Pilgrims


When I think about Thanksgiving, my mind conjures up images of pies, parades, and Pilgrims. I realize that most people think of turkeys, but I live in Massachusetts where Pilgrims are kind of a big deal.... Read full article