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Early voting continues through Saturday, April 17 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, excluding Sunday, April 11.  Citizens who want to vote early may do so in person at the parish Registrar of Voters Office or at other designated locations.

What’s the Best Age to Introduce Chores?

in Family Life, Anita RaJean Walker

We strive to raise well-adjusted children that have all the skill sets to succeed later in life. Chores are part of that because they help foster self-esteem and independence.

Wild Wine Walk

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Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo is thrilled to be hosting their first ever Wild Wine Walk on May 21, 2021. Guests (21+) are invited to stroll through the zoo for an early evening of wine tasting, food sampling, and live music.

Explore the Mighty A

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USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park is open daily, beginning at 8 a.m., with 30 historic planes, tanks and artillery, the USS Drum, park memorials, fishing pier, and bike service station.

Take the Beanstack Challenge

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East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries encourage you to read a book this month that may take you somewhere you always wanted to go or maybe even someplace you never expected.

Transport to the Tropics

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Just a quick five hour drive from Baton Rouge, Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe | Houston is a lakeside paradise that will transport you straight to the tropics with 303 luxury suites, 32 waterfront cottages, and a tempting array of family-fri

Ralph's Market Spring Wine Gala

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The Ralph's Market Spring Wine Gala is almost sold out! The Kentucky Derby theme makes this a favorite event to attend and will be at Houmas House Estate and Gardens on Friday, April 30. Your ticket includes wine, food, live music and the ambiance of

Unique Solutions for Unique Learners

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Being accepted for who we are is something that many of us want in life. However, that want grows even more when it comes to our children, especially when our children are living with exceptional differences.

Experience an Out-of-Town Adventure at Margaritaville Lake Resort

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If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to bring the kids for an out-town-adventure, Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe | Houston is just the place. 

Parkview AP Biology Students Test Genetic Engineering Of E-Coli

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Parkview Baptist School's AP Biology students took part in a science lab, testing the genetic engineering of e-coli bacteria. Students took e-coli bacteria and inserted genes to make it ampicillin resistant and to give it the green florescent protein

Tick Tock

in A Day in the Life of Dad

Ok, so I have told my daughter for as long as I can remember that when she turned 13, I was installing a countdown clock in her room that counted down till her 18th birthday, and that she had to be out of the house when that happened. No, I really do

Is Your Child’s Coach Abusive? Beware of These 6 Red Flags

in Health and Wellness, Things To Do, Family Life, Summer Fun

Sports are known for helping kids develop confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of belonging. But when the pressure to perform and unhealthy coaching practices do the opposite, kids find themselves in a tough situation where they may need parent

Want to Renovate? There’s a Timeline for That

in Family Life, Home & Garden

Home renovation projects are significant undertakings. Working with skilled and experienced contractors can ensure projects go smoothly and are completed promptly. Timing is a big consideration for homeowners as they begin renovating their homes, and

Annie Engholm

in One Amazing Kid

While most kids took advantage of additional screen time when quarantining in 2020, Annie Engholm used her extra time at home to craft. She turned her hobby into a lucrative Etsy shop and has given away all her profits.

April ♥

in A Note from Mom

April is my favorite month of the year! Why, you ask? Many of my life’s important events have occured during the month of April. I got engaged, got married, and had my first child. My BFFs’ birthdays, lots of family birthdays, and Easter (sometimes)

Keep the Bugs Away! Addressing Insects Before Entertaining Season

in Home & Garden, Summer Fun

Barbecues in the backyard or cocktails on the patio provide some fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of home. While friends and family flock to such entertaining opportunities, some unwanted guests may want to crash the festivities

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Gardening from a Wheelchair: 5 Easy Steps to Get Growing

in Health and Wellness, Things To Do, Home & Garden

Gardening is a wonderful activity that people from all walks of life enjoy. A garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables and/or beautiful blooms can instill a sense of pride in gardeners and turn their backyards into colorful, peaceful respites.

Life with Down Syndrome: Shouting His Worth

in Cover Kid, Exceptional Lives, Thrive

When he was born seven weeks before his due date, prematurity seemed to be the biggest obstacle facing Gideon Schroeder. His parents, Marianne and Greg, were completely surprised when Gideon was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Anya S.

in Cover Kid

2020-21 Cover Kid Anya S. is no stranger to the stage and being in front of the camera. She was a pro during her photo shoot and has walked in Baton Rouge Fashion Week. Anya has been riding horses since she was six years old and even has her own hors

It’s Potty Time: How to Get the Job Done

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

Has potty training ever felt or sounded so draining that you consider keeping your child in diapers forever? Persuading a toddler to use the potty is no small task. Some get scared, some get frustrated, and others are just not interested. If you want

Things to do around town

Fri 14 May


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Bluebonnet Swamp from 5-9 p.m. Enjoy a leisurely night hike with your family and friends. The swamp trails can be really dark at night, so don’t forget to bring a flashlight. Close-toed shoes and insect repellant are recommended. (225) 757-8905

at BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp

Sat 24 Apr
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Lagniappe on the Diversion from 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Poker run supports Dreams Come True of L...

at Lagniappe on the Diversion

Sun 18 Apr
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Houmas House and Gardens from 2-5 p.m. Taste wine, spirits, beer and amazing dishes from l...

at Houmas House and Gardens

Sat 17 Apr
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Painting with a Twist from 10 a.m.-noon. This is a two-canvas painting for you and your gu...

at Painting with a Twist