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Joyful Reads from July 2022

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending reads to anyone who is the least bit curious.

The Dos, Don’ts, and Benefits of Couples Counseling

in Family Life

Have you ever considered going to couples counseling? Turns out, there’s a lot more to it than just picking a counselor and going to a few sessions. Dr. Christine Belaire with Belaire Counseling Services weighs in with some helpful advice.

Say “No” and Slow Down

in A Day in the Life of Dad

It seems we made it: summer is winding down, we are shifting into back-to-school mode, and extracurriculars are getting started. This means things are going to start speeding up again. I know at my house, summer allows for a break from the running ar

Auditory Processing Disorder in Students

in Health and Wellness, School

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is defined as a hearing problem that affects how one processes and understands sounds due to an interruption in the brain when it tries to process these sounds, especially speech. There’s no known cause of it–doctor

Stretch into Infant and Toddler Gymnastics

in Health and Wellness, Things To Do, Family Life

Did you know that gymnastics isn’t only for your incredibly active six year old? Your baby or toddler can enjoy and benefit from participating as well. Anastasiya Motuzok, co-owner of LA Gold Gymnastics, started gymnastics at the age of 7 and was a c

You Can Feel Bad

in Faith

There is an ongoing misconception that, if you are a Christian, your life will be all sunshine and rainbows, and everything you need or ask for will be given to you if you simply pray for it. Because of this, you can never “feel bad,” because if God

Three O’clock Project Says It’s Time for Food Security

in Thrive

If your child has stepped foot in a local summer camp, chances are you have heard about Three O’clock Project, an initiative headed by Emily Chatelain to address food insecurity in our community through school programs and assisting summer camps.

Sports & Behavior

in Health and Wellness, Things To Do

Sports has always been a topic of joyful memories as well as concern for parents. On one side, children in sports have the opportunity to get physically active while doing something they find enjoyable. Being part of a team and being able to interact

Will Green

in Mom or Dad Next Door

When you’re expecting a child, every parent tells you that it all goes by quickly–newborn phases, early-childhood milestones, and what seems like every other waking moment of your child’s life. Will Green understands how important it is to be involve


in A Note from Mom

Welcome to August–the hottest month of the year, when hurricane season gets going for the Gulf of Mexico, school is back in session, and after-school activities begin. I’m not sure how this summer flew by so quickly. I swear, we just had end-of-the-y

Shani J.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kid Shani J. is 14 years old, and she had a great time at her photo shoot. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing volleyball. She is also a great friend to all. Her mom describes her as outgoing and having a beau

Jayce Berfect

in One Amazing Kid

At only eight years old, Jayce Berfect is already a business owner. His new business, Trash 2 Curb, helps those in need take out their trash and keep their trash bins looking good as new.

Things to do around town

Wed 10 Aug


in BRPM Monthly Print Calendar

Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library at 5 p.m. This is a craft to make a corset in about 20 minutes, and this corset can be adjusted for anyone and for any costume that needs it.

at Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library

Tue 16 Aug
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Jones Creek Regional Library at 6:30 p.m. Take this class to learn the basics of safe serg...

at Jones Creek Regional Library

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Blue Zoo Aquarium at 1 p.m. Occurs weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

at Blue Zoo Aquarium

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Wed 10 Aug
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Virtual at 6 p.m. Monthly support group for weight loss surgery patients and those conside...


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