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Toxic Metals in Baby Food

in Health and Wellness, Baby and Toddler

Pediatricians have long recommended simple, fresh staples like bananas and peas as healthy options for baby’s first solid foods–the less processing, the better. Those recommendations took on added importance when a new government report revealed neur

Gentlemen in Training

in Family Life

What’s a gentleman? Jill Rigby Garner, founder of Manners of the Heart whose mission is to reawaken respect in society for the next generation, puts it best. “A true gentleman is a humble warrior who puts the needs of others ahead of his wants. A man

Leah Warr

in One Amazing Kid

Leah Warr, a student at Glen Oaks Magnet High, was awarded a $1,000 prize as part of the Forcepoint and Girls with Impact venture competition. Girls with Impact operates the nation’s only live, online business and leadership program, providing classe

Cassius T.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kid Cassius T. is full of life. He’s talkative, energetic, and caring, and he enjoys being surrounded by friends and family. He hopes to become a YouTuber and felt at ease in front of the camera during his photo shoot. Cass

Eat, Pray, and Bring a Change of Clothes

in The Last Word

I love to travel. Before becoming a proud parent of three darling cherubs, everyone said to me, “Enjoy traveling now because once you have kids, you won’t be able to do it anymore.” Well, I proved all the naysayers wrong by hopping on that plane with

The Three Anchors

in Faith

During my college career, my campus pastor emphasized three anchors that are designed to anchor me in my faith. Through the years, I’ve been taught these three things: know God, live life together, and take responsibility. Some of these anchors were

An Open Letter to Our Readers, Advertisers, and Our Staff

in A Day in the Life of Dad

So, how was it? It has been a crazy year, to say the least, but guess what? We all got through it. We are all now a year old, and our families are a year stronger. So, congratulations, and job well done. For those who have lost some loved ones along

Daniel Thompson

in Mom or Dad Next Door

Daniel Thompson is a great chef, and an even better dad. When he is not cooking dinner for his family, he is taking on catering events and selling his own dips, chicken salad, and other delicious foods in Baton Rouge. He has stressed the importance o

Santa Gift Swap: Who Gives the Gifts?

in Holidays, Family Life

Christmas is full of rituals for parents, whether it’s preparing the traditional Christmas Eve feast, arduously keeping track of Elf on the Shelf, or covertly finding the best hiding spot for those pre-wrapped presents. The most popular tradition of

Oh, Christmas Tree

in A Note from Mom

Finally, we have made it to the last month of the year. I know I mentioned months ago that April is my favorite month because of everything we celebrate, but during Christmastime, I shine. I love pulling down all the decorations and planning out wha

Knocking Out MS: Christina Carville is Raising Her Voice Against a Silent Disease

in Thrive

Founder and President of the Knock Out MS Foundation, Christina Carville, is thriving despite her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis by dedicating herself to helping others afflicted in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Bicycle Giveaway in Louisiana

in Local News

Attorney Gordon McKernan Gives Away 425+ Bicycles to Children This Holiday Season

Things to do around town

Sat 04 Dec


in BRPM Monthly Print Calendar

Woman’s Hospital Zoom meeting at 1:30 p.m. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding.

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Join us for an interactive exploration of the local nighttime sky under the dome of the Ir...

at Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Every Saturday

Sat 04 Dec
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LASM at 10 a.m. Enjoy holiday-themed planetarium shows, engaging activities, and festive f...

at Louisiana Art & Science Museum

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Blue Zoo Aquarium at 1 p.m. Occurs weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

at Blue Zoo Aquarium

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday

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