The Cover Kid Event

The Cover Kid Event is the annual event where children are selected from the community who, for the next twelve months, will appear on the cover and/or within the pages of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. It is not a beauty contest, a talent show or a model casting. We believe that Cover Kids come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities. Children with special needs are encouraged to participate, and accommodations will be in place.

What should my child wear to The Cover Kid Event?

Anything they want! They don't have to dress up in any special attire, and it is best for children to wear clothing in which they feel comfortable. What we are really looking for is everyday kids who have that special sparkle.

What do Cover Kids do?

Cover Kids will appear on the cover and/or within the pages of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. Cover Kids can be featured in content such as in advertisements, special promotions, fashion layouts, or featured articles throughout the printed magazines.

Do you have any tips for my child?

Yes–allow your children to be themselves! We strive to make the children very comfortable with a relaxed conversation and environment.

Who can be Cover Kids?

All children between the ages of 2 and 17 years are eligible regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or abilities.

How to Enter:

PRE-REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. NO PHONE REGISTRATIONS ARE ACCEPTED. A separate form is required for each child. No refunds. Walk-in registration begins at 8 a.m. on the day of the event. Time slot availability is limited for walk-ins. First come, first served.

  1. Register online at Payment must be submitted with form. All pre-registrations will receive a ticket. KEEP THIS TICKET.
  2. Present your ticket at the pre-registration table 15-20 minutes prior to your child’s assigned time.
  3. The day of the event, times will be announced every 15 minutes. When your child’s time is called, proceed to the stage. Your child will walk across the stage and be briefly interviewed. NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED ON STAGE. A staff member of BRPM will take your child on stage. Approximately 15-20 other children are assigned to the same time.
  4. Each child will receive a card on stage indicating if they are to return that afternoon for final call. Approximately 150 children will be given a call-back card. Call-backs will take about an hour.
  5. At the final call, 40-45 children will be announced as the new Cover Kids. Paperwork and pictures of the finalists will be completed at that time.

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