The Wave


Nobody does thrillers like the Scandinavians. This movie (with English subtitles) takes place in a beautiful tourist locale nestled in Norway's Sunnmøre region, Geiranger. But the threat of a mountain collapsing into the fjord is real, and no one knows that more than geologist Kristian (Kristoffer Joner). The day he's about to leave with his family for a new job with an oil company, the mountain begins to crumble, and every soul in Geiranger has ten minutes to get to high ground before a tsunami hits. Director Roar Uthaug keeps things hurtling forward in a state of high anxiety and eerie realism until the very end.


  • Rated R for some language and disaster images | In Theaters 3/4 | Ok for Kids 17+ | Magnolia Pictures | Reel Preview: 4.5 of 5 Reels

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