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Structured Language Arts

Structured Language Arts at LKA uses evidence-based practices to explicitly and sequentially teach all elements of language. Instruction is designed to meet the phonemic deficit in students with dyslexia which greatly impacts speaking, reading (both decoding and fluency), spelling, and often learning a second language.The essential goal is to develop fluent readers as close to grade level as possible. 
Students in grades one through five engage in a 6:1 student to teacher ratio  with a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) or CALT Practitioner.  Students in upper grades engage in a 12:1 student to teacher ratio with a  CALT or CALT Practitioner to study and read grade level literature and language composition.


Math instruction at LKA applies a deep understanding of dyslexia to grade level math content. LKA math teachers teach students to understand the complex language of math. They teach math concepts by having students construct algorithms and number concepts using manipulative and every day items. Students apply their understanding of number concepts to grade level problem solving and computation. Math instruction at LKA was specially designed for our students in partnership with Marilyn Zecher, M. Ed., CALT. 

Academic Labs

Academic Labs allow students to explore real world information and experiences in the content areas of Science and Social Studies. They challenge students to be critical thinkers and to build background knowledge which allows students to deeply understand and interpret science and social studies content. Success in Academic Labs is accomplished through field experience in practical and professional settings, hands on discovery, and full immersion into grade level concepts.


Students at LKA learn to create works of art that celebrate their strengths and build historical knowledge of famous and local artists. Students study new artists each grade level. They learn about when the artists lived, famous works of art, and art techniques in the style of each artist. Students then create an original work using their new skills. We are proud to celebrate a diverse body of famous and local artists at LKA and proud of our student's may strengths! 

Additional Information

Cafeteria B/L/D/S B/L

Transportation Services No

Charter Type 2

Year Established 2013

Principal Heather Bourgeois

Managing Organization Louisiana Key Academy

Grades Taught 1-7

Total Enrollment 345

Total Faculty 40


3172 Government Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

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