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Face of Urgent Care Health

When we want to feel better, we know that Lake After Hours Urgent Care is around the corner. With an experienced medical staff, short wait times, and convenient hours, Lake After Hours Urgent Care strives to meet our health needs when we need them the most.

What makes the company so special are the doctors who always greet you with a smiling face.

A long-time Baton Rouge resident, Dr. Graham Tujague was inspired by his father, who is also a physician, and his colleagues to pursue medicine. 

“I noticed how these physicians interacted with their peers and families and realized that I wanted to focus in the same direction. I always had a deep respect for ‘the family practitioner’ and wanted to influence other families with the proper care and treatment,” Dr. Tujague says.

After a lot of hard work, his dream became a reality. Dr. Tujague has been practicing for over 30 years, and he shares that the enjoyment of practicing medicine has different levels. He says, “Deciding how to treat people requires lots of time in the field. There can be many hidden disorders and diseases. It can be very challenging to make the proper call in addition to providing the proper treatment. One of the most enjoyable aspects for me is discerning all of the possible variables and how to find an endpoint.”

This is a tremendous responsibility and involves many decisions, but to him, the most important decision is ensuring that the patient is happy and satisfied.  

Dr. Kevin DiBenedetto shares this sentiment. He says, “I hope each patient I see feels like they had a good experience and that their concerns were addressed. Most of all, I hope they feel and get better.”

A Baton Rouge native, Dr. DiBenedetto realized he wanted to pursue medicine when he was a Boy Scout practicing First Aid. He attended medical school in New Orleans, where he met his wife, Suzy. Together, they have four wonderful children. He graduated in 1983, worked as an ER physician until 2000, and started Lake After Hours in 1999. The company will be 23 years old this month.

Dr. DiBenedetto finds his work to be very rewarding, especially when working with the community and correctly diagnosing patients. He says, “I like practicing hands-on medicine, and the variety of injuries and illnesses in urgent care is what I enjoy the most. Making the correct diagnosis is also especially rewarding. In urgent care, our patients are mostly all walk-in patients, so I get to treat people from the entire community.” To learn more, visit

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