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Face of Law

With his commercials, giant billboards, and inflatable decorations in front of his main office, Gordon McKernan is easily one of the most recognizable faces in Baton Rouge. And although he has offices all over the state, Gordon has stayed local his whole life. He was born and raised in Baton Rouge and attended University High School and LSU. Ultimately, he joined his father’s firm, McKernan Law Firm, here in Baton Rouge and has been practicing law ever since.

When Gordon started his career, McKernan Law Firm was a boutique firm with a few lawyers that handled large, single-event cases. Then, in 2007, Gordon got the idea that the firm needed to evolve with the times if it wanted to serve more clients. He recognized the power of television, billboards and digital media and decided to expand into advertising, which became the Face of Law we are so familiar with today.

Despite having 200 employees and 12 offices, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys strives to create a family atmosphere for every single client. Gordon’s wife, four children, brother-in-law and niece all work for the firm, and even their two dogs play an important role in advertising! Their business, though greatly expanded from the smaller firm it used to be, is still family-owned and run. The goal of the firm for its clients is to develop such a strong bond and relationship through the course of the representation that at the conclusion of the case, the client thinks of the firm and attorney “As Your Lawyer For Life.”

“To become our clients’ ‘lawyer for life’ we have to demonstrate three things to them: we will fight for them; we will listen to them; and we care about them. Each client at the end of the case should feel that we did this,” says Gordon. “Even though we’re a big law firm, we still fight for every single client, no matter if the case is big or small. I really want each lawyer and team member who works for me to treat each client the way they would want to be treated. It’s the Golden Rule. We try to live it every day.” For more information, go to getgordon.com or call (225) 888-8888.

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