Finding Dory


This sweet Disney Pixar movie centers on Dory, the loveable memory-challenged Blue Tang fish, as she searches for answers about her past. The story takes place six months after "Finding Nemo," as Dory suddenly recalls her childhood memories, including something about "the jewel of Monterey, California." Thus, she sets off to find her family, accompanied by friends Nemo and Marlin. When Dory arrives at the Monterey Marine Life Institute, she meets Bailey, a white beluga whale; Destiny, a whale shark; and Hank, an octopus, who becomes her guide. Directed by Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane, this movie features the voice cast of Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrell, Albert Brooks and Kaitlin Olson.


  • Not yet rated; Likely G or PG | In Theaters 6/17 (2D, 3D, IMAX) | Ok for Kids 6+ | Disney Pixar | Reel Preview: 5 of 5 Reels

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