BASIS Charter Schools


The Face of Charter Schools

BASIS Charter Schools is a nationally-acclaimed network of 34 K-12 schools with a track record of achievement and excellent student outcomes since 1998. The two BASIS Charter School campuses in Baton Rouge are successful, diverse, and growing fast. Current families and teachers are excited to be a part of something that’s so positive for this city.

The first BASIS Baton Rouge campus in Materra opened in 2018, is currently renovating new middle and high school buildings, and is adding one grade level yearly until it serves K-12 students. The second campus, BASIS Baton Rouge–Mid City, opened in August with more than 300 students.

The BASIS Charter School Curriculum is a liberal arts program with a STEM focus, diverse electives, and extracurriculars in academics, arts, and athletics. Primary grade students take courses like engineering and Mandarin, and middle schoolers take Latin and economics. K-3 students have two teachers per classroom: one elementary education expert, and one expert in the subject being taught that period.

Back in 1998, the co-founders of BASIS Charter Schools determined that if they set standards higher, and hired great teachers, students rose to meet and surpass those standards. The network’s faculty knows how to help students reach their potential, and students are taught organizational skills, study skills, and accountability, too. BASIS Charter School high schools consistently rank among America’s best, and students are annually accepted to top universities worldwide.

BASIS Charter Schools in Baton Rouge and nationwide are open enrollment, tuition free public schools with no entry exam. Anyone can attend.

Parents of K-12 students who want academic sophistication, smart and supportive teachers, and a curriculum that helpfully challenges students should check out BASIS Charter Schools in Baton Rouge. Both campuses are currently offering tours and Information Sessions for interested families.

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