Barbie© has embraced a whole new look, and we are loving it! After years of controversy, Mattel has introduced three new body types as well as a new line of professions for its dolls. Now, Barbie© dolls can be curvy, petite, and tall, and the dolls are infinitely more diverse.

Young girls can now see themselves and their families and friends in the dolls they are playing with, which means they can also appreciate and celebrate the world around them and the range of body types and ethnicities present everywhere.

This is a huge step for Barbie©, but it has definitely been embraced. The campaign is using #TheDollEvolves to show why they chose this direction for their line and how it is empowering girls.

With the changing look of Barbie© has come a changing attitude toward girls’ roles in society. The new line of dolls are now skateboarders and game developers, and even take on the role of president. Barbie© is working to show girls they can do anything they set their minds to. They are pushing the idea that all dreams are possible and that girls have limitless potential.

Barbie creator Ruth Handler says, “Barbie© always represented the fact that women had choices.” This campaign uses #YouCanBeAnything to encourage girls to push themselves and be the best they can be at whatever they want to do.