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This month we are giving away:

September 2015 Freebies

Create your own personal chateau with Roominate. Roominate encourages kids–especially girls–to dive deeper into STEM, and allows children to create customized structures while learning basic circuitry.

Celebrate Lincoln Logs’ centennial with this nostalgic set! Inspired by an original Lincoln Logs building idea, the 100th Anniversary Tin includes 111 real-wood logs that will allow children to build the structures of their dreams.

Unlock the secrets of LEGO building, and find out how to create a world with your imagination with the LEGO Awesome Ideas book. Features beautifully clear photography and informative text that demonstrates how entire models are built up while also providing step-by-step visual directions.

CloudPets are app-powered Bluetooth-enabled toys that securely sends and receives voice messages, and allows family members to be part of the child’s playtime, bedtime and daily routine, whether they’re in the same city or miles apart.