WOW, 30 Years!

We are super excited to share our 30th birthday with you and even more appreciative of you for allowing us into your homes for 30 years. We like to think we are here helping build strong families, and strong families build strong communities. It’s hard to believe all that we have been through in 30 years–some of which I don’t even remember–but I do know one thing, we are planning on 30 more, and today is the first step to that. 

We have all been through so much, and the community has survived all of it. Getting news and information out to our readers has changed. When we started, there wasn’t any Internet or mass media and no social media. We have done our best to reach all of our readers and families in the places they like to consume our content, and frankly, we think we have done a pretty good job. We love hearing all your stories and seeing all your pictures now online. As for the first 20 years, the only feedback was at our live events or letters that were mailed in. So, we thank you for those, and please keep sending those in. We love them, whether that is mail or email or private message; the choice is yours.

Who would have thought that a frustrated mother of three–trying to find a Mardi Gras parade schedule in early 1990, and saying that there has to be a resource for parents out there (only to find out that there wasn’t one) so she set out to be that resource–could lead us here? Enter the first issue in July 1990.

As I write this to you, I would have never thought that I would be the one writing this, as this has always been a family business, and it always seems that there’s someone better to do this. Frankly, I’m sure there is, but for now, you’re stuck with me (sorry). So please, join me in saying a BIG thank you to our staff (both current and past) who have always done the real work around here, and thank you to you and your family for always being there and giving us the topics that matter.

From our family to yours, thank you, Baton Rouge. 

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29 Jun 2020

By Brandon Foreman

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