They’re Back

Not sure how many of you have elves who visit your home every December, but I have three. Yes, three elves who arrive December 1 and cause mischief until Christmas Eve every year. From ziplines to messing up the kitchen and the Christmas tree, these three are always up to something. 

They arrived a few years ago and have been coming back every year, and when you walk into a room, they freeze in place and look like stuffed animals. Also, to note, you cannot touch them. If you do touch them, they lose their magic and cannot fly back home to the North Pole and report back to Santa. You see, as I understand it, they are sent to our home to watch the children and report back whether they are good or bad. Not a bad job, I guess, but I’m left to clean up the mess every day or walk around them, leaving what they have done in place. Because remember? No one can touch them.

At first, this was a pain, but now, I have come to enjoy each morning, waking up and running through the house, looking for “what have they done now?” And, it makes everything like a little mini Christmas each morning. This year, I thought to share this with you all online. I will be posting pictures of what the elves have done at my home and hope you will share what they are doing at your home. 

Let’s make it interesting! Everyone can vote online for the wildest elf night. Upload your pictures to, and I will give out a prize pack at the end of the month for the whole family.

Ready, set, geaux! And, Godspeed and Merry Christmas! ■

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27 Nov 2019

By Brandon Foreman

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