Welcome to August–the hottest month of the year, when hurricane season gets going for the Gulf of Mexico, school is back in session, and after-school activities begin. I’m not sure how this summer flew by so quickly. I swear, we just had end-of-the-year parties a few weeks ago. Looking at the calendar, it has been 10 weeks of unorganized chaos. My kids have 11 days to get all the summer packets and reading done. I’ve got to go find and go through uniforms, shoes, socks, backpacks, and lunch boxes to see what needs to be replaced.

Why does this always sneak up on me every year? I feel like I have so much time to spend with my kids during the summer, but looking back over this summer, my work has taken over most of my days. I feel guilty for not making more time for my littles. My twin boys are going into third grade which means they move upstairs and switch carpool lines at their school. At least I can be a room mom again and get more involved in their school functions. I was never able to do this with my daughter because I had twins. However, she got a lot of one on one with me–lots of lunch dates and nail salon visits. My boys don’t get that one-on-one time with me like she still does.

My daughter is officially in high school. This scares the crud out of me because school has changed so much from when I was a student. Now, they have so many specialized classes, offer dual enrollment for college credit, and these grades count when it’s time for college planning. What scares me even more is remembering my high school days, especially being a girl. Why are girls so mean to each other? Even those you think are your friends will talk behind your back. I talk with my daughter a lot about this topic. She has seen some of it in middle school, but I know it’s going to get worse. Why can’t we just be nice and uplift each other? Life is hard enough to have to worry about what is going on when I am not around to shield her. 

Anyhow, I am excited to see what the 2022-23 school year brings. I love all the teachers at my kids’ school and look forward to seeing their faces again. I hope you have all had time to spend with your family, had a fun vacation, and did a little bit of relaxing because us parents are ready to hand them over! Tag, you’re it!

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22 Jul 2022

By Amy L. Foreman

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