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Susan Cedotal has lived in the Baton Rouge area since starting college in 1999. She graduated from LSU law school and works full time for LexisNexis teaching law students how to conduct research. In her spare time, Susan co-owns Rhea Lana’s Baton Rouge, a children’s consignment event. She enjoys helping local moms get great and affordable deals on children’s items. She gets her greatest joy from her family which includes her college sweetheart, Jay; her eight-year-old son, Hunter; and six-year-old triplets, Miller, Mary Susan, and Austin. She spends most days trying to figure out how to juggle it all, and by the grace of God, she sometimes gets it right.

Can you be Cool in a Minivan?


To my shock and dismay, Suburbans did not have four latch systems. Apparently, there are very few families looking to safely buckle a two-year-old and three newborns. Thus I began my journey into the minivan world.... Read full article

Who Needs a Hot Meal?


I go to take a bite of my food.  Just as the fork reaches my lips, my children ask, “What is for dessert?” They’ve finished their meal, and I’ve hardly had a chance to eat. It is lukewarm at this point which is how I’ve learned to eat my food.... Read full article

Things You Should Never Say to Moms of Multiples


I’m here to tell you that moms of multiples hear some outrageous things on a daily basis. Here are some basic guidelines of things you shouldn’t say to moms of multiples or really just moms in general!... Read full article

A Salute to Mothers


To all the mothers who fixed a home cooked meal only to be criticized by the tiniest food critics ever… To all the mothers who spend more time at the ball field than sleeping… To all the mothers who support other mothers…... Read full article