Roll With It

So recently, I decided to do something a bit different and that was to do something for myself first. That is, I decided that before I got into my day and got caught up in all the tasks for the day, I would get on my bike and ride and just listen to music or a podcast. No phone calls, no riding partner, just me and the road. I can tell you, the hardest part about doing this was just walking over to the bike and getting on it. Once I was rolling down the street, the rest was just a matter of continuing to ride.

I found that this is the problem with most things in life that we want to change or do differently. It is not the act of doing it (riding the bike), it is the act of taking the first step to making the change and just going with it. 

I recently learned about a project management process that is referred to as Hill Top, where in short, getting something done–whether it’s a big task or a massive project–we can’t look at it as black and white or percentages complete. It is more like climbing a hill. What I mean is, when looking up the hill, you see all the obstacles and what needs to be done, and you’re not sure how to navigate them and it seems like so much work. No matter what we have to do in order to get over the hill, we have to take the first step, no matter what it is, and once you get moving and get around the tree and figure out how to do it, you’re at the top of the hill and all you have to do at that point is to execute it and just keep going. You know the saying, “It’s all downhill from here,” but don’t forget, the downhill is the fun part. 

So, back to my bike ride. I think it was very hard to get done because after all, I was giving up my quiet time because everyone was away and the little ones were at school, but I can tell you, it has made a world of a difference in so many areas of my life. So, what is your hill? What is the first step you need to take it? Go take it and roll with it. It will be worth it. Thanks to Ron Epstein, publisher of LA Parent for getting me out on the trail and off the computer ■

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29 Sep 2020

By Brandon Foreman

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