Pee Inside, Not on Trees–Please?

If you have to go potty, stop and go right away! Sometimes that’s easier said than done if you’re on a road trip with your littles or just out running errands without a potty nearby. The hassle of adding another stop can be daunting, but I believe in you! You can do it!

A few months ago Brandon wrote about wanting to let his sons pee outside on trees in parking lots rather than deal with finding a bathroom. Maybe it’s the girl mom in me, but I still shudder to think anything but “EEEEeeeeewwwww, NO!” I’m not from Louisiana, but I did grow up in a rural area and know that a pee in the field is a thing, especially for boys. But in a city? In a parking lot? NO WAY. (And for the record, I don’t think peeing in a field is a great idea either.)

The police agree with me, it seems. A mom in Georgia recently got a ticket for disorderly conduct after she let her three year old pee freely outside when he couldn’t make it into the gas station bathroom in time. She is pregnant and couldn’t lift him to run into the bathroom but helped him pee in the parking lot, unfortunately, where a cop could see. I think an actual ticket is extreme (wouldn’t a warning be enough?!), but I agree we should all “go” inside!

I have yet to be in a car or traveling situation where my daughters couldn’t make it to the potty in time–knock on wood, frfr–but I have trooped my girls into a gas station, fast food restaurant, and store potties when nature calls. It’s never fun, but it’s part of the social contract we live by and are teaching our kids to follow.

A recent potty training tip that I’ve read but have yet to try out is to keep a small potty in your car and use a diaper or pull up as a liner, providing the best of both worlds–easy clean up! Diapers have perks, since you don’t have to squat in front of a dirty public toilet holding a toddler in place, but this combo idea doesn’t make you lose ground on the potty training front and gives you control of keeping the potty clean. You could also do a plastic bag and paper towels if you’re really desperate (perish the thought).

My girls, three and seven, are past the potty training stage enough that it seems we can make it to the next bathroom, but I do remember to ask for one last potty stop before we leave the house for an extended time! While limiting fluid intake would be a bad solution, there are always apps to help you find a bathroom near you to get the job done when a potty dance starts!

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02 May 2019

By Mari Walker

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