Jessica Pastor

Jessica Pastor, a senior at The Dunham School has her sights set on attending LSU in the fall where she hopes to study biochemistry. Jessica has long been a fan of biology and considers it to be her favorite subject. However, she also has a love for English and reading as well. “I love to read. My favorite book is Room, but I really enjoy reading all types of fiction,” says Jessica.

Jessica was recently named a National Hispanic Scholar by the College Board, and has also received national academic distinctions as a National Merit Commended student and an Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction.

When she’s not excelling in the classroom, Jessica plays tennis for the school, hangs out with her younger brother, goes to the movies with her friends (La La Land and Room are two of her favorite films), and watches shows on Netflix. “I’m rewatching Friends right now, but I also like New Girl,” she shares.

When it comes to describing her personality, Jessica shares that she is just a normal girl. “I’m shy at first, but pretty outgoing once I get to know people. I’m between an extrovert and an introvert.”

Jessica is friendly, charismatic, and a joy to be around. While a future in biochemistry may seem like a difficult task to some, we know that Jessica will be up for the challenge because she is certainly one amazing kid.

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01 Feb 2017

By BRPM Staff

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