Jayce Berfect

At only eight years old, Jayce Berfect is already a business owner. His new business, Trash 2 Curb, helps those in need take out their trash and keep their trash bins looking good as new.

The idea for his business came from him not wanting to stay inside all summer playing video games or running out of things to do to stay busy. Instead, he wanted to get out and make a difference in his community, while also starting to save money for when he goes to college. 

“I chose Trash 2 Curb because I wanted to make people smile,” he shares. “I wanted to help other people.”

And making people smile and helping others is precisely what he is doing through Trash 2 Curb. What started as only a few clients has quickly grown into a large clientele for the eight year old.

While Jayce isn’t sure which college he would like to attend just yet, right now he is enjoying math class and being in the third grade.

When he’s not out serving his community, Jayce enjoys just being a kid and spending time with family and friends. His favorite movie right now is Encanto, and he really enjoys playing basketball. He’s especially excited for basketball to start again next season.

Jayce hopes to continue expanding his business, too, so he can reach more who are in need of his services, and we know he will do it. 

With his kind heart, willingness to help, and his strong work ethic, Jayce is truly One Amazing Kid.

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22 Jul 2022

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