Hollywood, Florida

Florida’s beach in Hollywood is considered one of the most family-friendly beaches for a reason. With bright, turquoise waters; soft, white sands; a blooming arts district; and a two-mile long boardwalk lined with palm trees and paved with brick, Hollywood has been ranked as one of the cleanest and safest beaches in Florida. Here you can soak up the sun and the city’s rich culture as  you stroll through the museums and local shops. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the local flare Hollywood has to offer between the bustling tourist scenes of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Hollywood has an array of hotels and condos to choose from for your stay. One of the city’s top-rated and most budget-friendly places to stay is actually a motel, but it’s not the typical motel you’re probably thinking about. The St. Maurice Beach Inn is within walking distance of Hollywood Beach, the Hollywood Broadwalk, tons of restaurants, and the classic Margaritaville resort. Your stay will include plenty of accommodations like A/C, comfortable beds, a TV, and a small kitchen area. You can also borrow chairs, umbrellas, and towels for free and relax underneath the Tiki huts in the courtyard.

The Le Tub Saloon

The Le Tub Saloon was originally a Sunoco gas station from 1959 and then was transformed into a restaurant in 1978. Today, it serves the #1 hamburger in the nation (according to GQ) along with its famous chili and a delicious assortment of salads, seafood, and other meats. Don’t forget about their homemade key lime pie for dessert!

For breakfast, stop at Untoasted in Pembroke Park. Their signature shrimp and grits features bacon, blackened shrimp, and marinara sauce with eggs, or you can try their famous huevos rancheros. If you’re looking for something sweeter, look no further than their selection of French toast, from their original French toast topped with fresh fruit to banana dulce de leche.

The Alchemist
You have to visit this hip cafe in Aventura if you need a lunch break during your time in downtown Hollywood. They have breakfast, brunch, and lunch like their highly-rated avocado slicer, caprese pizzetta, and quinoa salad. Their coffee menu features your usual latte or cappuccino, or you could order one of The Alchemist coffee creations like The Alchemist Iced Coffee or the hot Golden Coffee.

The Yellow Green Farmers Market is more than your average farmers market. After you’ve browsed the outdoor venue full of food, art, flowers, and entertainment, you can take a seat under the tikis while you eat or drink. Then, you can stop at The Nest, a shop at the market full of antiques, collectibles, and other treasures.

The 2.5 mile Hollywood Beach Broadwalk features dozens of shops and restaurants along lines of palm trees and the clear blue waters of the Atlantic. Walkers, cyclists, and skaters alike can tour this iconic part of town, families can enjoy a seaside meal, and kids can play in either of the Broadwalk parks. 

Hollywood fosters a growing art community, and it starts with the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project. You can either look at the incredible murals on your own time (you can find a map online) or take a guided tour of them every third Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. 

The ArtsPark at Young Circle, a 10-acre area in downtown Hollywood features an amphitheater for live music, an innovative playground and a Splash Pad for children.

Another stopping point is the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. Here you have to see the incredible art exhibitions that showcase local talent. There are also Family Days every third Sunday of the month.

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04 Jun 2021

By Emily Drez

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