Fun in the Summer

Back in the day, I remember waiting for summertime to come: no school, hanging out with friends, and not a care in the world. We would lay by the pool with our boombox blaring, baby oil on our skin, and Sun In or lemon juice in our hair. Man, I really miss those days. Those days have now been replaced with work and playing Uber driver, chef, or referee with my three littles.

We still have a joyful summer, though. Summer at our house is usually full of friends, sleepovers, lots of BBQs, fishing, and the never-ending wash cycle of pool towels. This year, I am determined to have my husband build something for the kids to hang their towels on. I mean, you don’t need to use three in one day. Hang it up and grab it later! I do love that my children love to be outside. We’re not big on video games, well, except for playing the original Nintendo. I do love getting to show them how it’s done and teaching them the secrets to skip worlds. Regardless, we rarely play because they want to be outside swimming or playing volleyball, basketball, football, or soccer. You name it, they are playing it. My neighbor and I are always picking up Nerf darts from our yards, and I find them in the most random places inside.

June is not only about being out in the sun. It’s also a time to celebrate all the dads out there. Father’s Day is June 20 this year. Have you thought about what unique gift you can get your dad? I found a few to share in Things We Love this month. There are so many unique gadgets that are coming out each day. Though, I don’t know why dads are still so hard to buy for. Maybe it’s because, unlike me, I can wait before buying something and my husband can’t. Every Christmas, he almost buys the one gift I find that’s perfect for him and ruins 
my surprise! 

Nevertheless, our June issue also features eight family vacations you can plan that will not break the bank. Maybe instead of a gift for Father’s Day, you can plan a getaway to one of the amazing places we found? Whether you enjoy the summer at home or take a family vacation, enjoy the little things in life while spending time with your kiddos. We all deserve a break. I mean, we did survive a school year with all of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there. I hope you enjoy a day full of fun, food, and family.


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21 May 2021

By Amy L. Foreman

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