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From the moment I knew I was going to have my daughter, I hoped she would love to dance. I wanted to dress her up like a little ballerina and watch her leap and turn across the stage. I danced all through middle and high school and remembered how much fun we had–from practices to competitions, sleepovers, and all the lifelong friendships that were made along the way.

Fast forward 13 years, my daughter has been on her school’s dance team for 4 years now and with her dance company for 11 years now. COVID did make things a little interesting last year. For dance team tryouts, we had to clear out the living room so she could make her videos. It was a process, but I look back now knowing it will always be a great memory. The 2020 recital was canceled. The 2021 recital happened–with limited seating and we were spread out–but I got to see her shine on stage, which is how I love to close out the school/dance year.

Every year when the recital rolls around, I still get that proud mom feeling and my eyes tear up watching her dance. She has really made dance a priority and works out throughout the summer to stay in shape and limber. She has goals she wants to meet, and she even enjoys volunteering her time to teach the little kids one day a week. Who knows? Maybe she will be on that Dallas field as a DCC in about 10 years!

We have added a whole new level to her dancing this year when she made the competition team. Dance today is NOT like it was when I was growing up. These girls practice and do moves I couldn’t even dream about when I was their age. It is truly amazing to watch. 

In today’s world of uncertainty around the pandemic, we will always have music and dance. You can dance, sing, and play an instrument in the safety of your home, any time of the day. The arts bring people together from all walks of life. I am glad we are able to continue the performing arts during COVID, and I really love that my little ballerina has found her passion through them. 


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02 Sep 2021

By Amy L. Foreman

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