Craig C. Greene, MD, MBA

Occupation ▪ Orthopedic Surgeon & Public Service Commissioner
Wife ▪ Kristen
Children ▪ Hadley, 18; Cass, 16; Gabe, 13; Ryder, 10; and Boomer, 4
Hobbies ▪ Working out, running, fishing, and golfing

At a young age, Craig C. Greene, MD, MBA learned the value of hard work through his first job of baling hay. That lesson stayed with him as he worked toward becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

For Craig, his job isn’t just a job–it’s a calling. His giving heart has not only allowed him to provide excellent care for his patients, but he has also gone even further to provide aid to those who experience disasters through the Greene Team Charitable Fund.

As a father of five, he strives to provide his children with a home that is full of peace and happiness.

What makes parenting so enjoyable?
We have very good kids and I enjoy spending time with them. They make us better people. It is really great for marriage, too, because my wife and I both have a common goal in raising them.

What do you like to do as a family?
I really enjoy having dinner around the table. That’s where the conversations happen. I sometimes give “dad lectures” that are 1-2 minutes, a few times a week. My kids say they’re daily, though.

What’s the hardest part about being a dad?
You never feel like you’re doing enough. You’re always wanting to be at every school event and every game, but with having more kids, you sometimes have to choose. 

What was your latest dad win?
I’m all about teaching them about money. They each get a certain amount each week and they have to learn how to make it last. I encourage them to work for things they want, and so we’ve had a few wins in the money area with them.

How has parenthood changed you?
All for the better. As you have kids, you strip away a portion of yourself and you find yourself revealing the areas you need to work on. They show you how you can improve and be a better person, how to give and serve, listen and learn.

How has your job affected how you parent?
One difference is that people at work do what I say! We work on the “prepare to launch” method. At work, I provide patients the tools they need to where they won’t need me. For instance, helping them know what they can and cannot do, how much weight they can lift, etc. We build those boundaries to where they know without me telling them, and I parent the same way. We prep them for their next step in life.

What inspired you to start the Greene Team Charitable Fund?
After the earthquakes in Haiti, I told my wife that I wish I could do something. She told me to pray about it, so I did, and I ended up receiving calls about help needed in an orphanage in Haiti. We sent several teams over, and now through the Fund, we provide disaster aid to those in need.

How do you find time to relax?
I enjoy working out; that helps me keep my mind clear. I also enjoy reading and just making time for quiet time where I can reflect and process. Also, getting six to seven hours of sleep.

What kind of dad are you?
Engaged and aware.

What’s something you hope to instill in your children?
To be principled decision makers and emotionally expressive.

Best parenting advice you have received?
Be available for your children and know that when you want to talk about something, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to talk. When I ask them about their days, I ask them about the highs and lows, to describe their day in one word, or to rate their day. Eventually, they start talking about them.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Lack of self awareness.

What personality trait of yours do your children also have?
Perseverance. My goal is to help them to be more conscientious. We’re getting there.

Which family member has been your greatest role model in life?
Both of my parents. They’re life-long learners, full of grace and wisdom. Also, my son, Boomer. He has down syndrome and autism. We adopted him from China, and children with down syndrome don’t know discrimination; they know love. He has taught me how to see people and to lead with love.

Do you have any advice for other parents?
Ride it out! Go all in with your kids and wife. It’s going to be scary and hard, but it’s going to be worth it in the end. ■

Quick Q&A
The parenting item I couldn’t live without…
my wife.
In my fridge, you will always find…chocolate chip cookie dough.
Favorite movie growing up…Braveheart.
My guilty pleasure is…chocolate chip cookie dough.
Music I’m loving…country.
I feel my best when I…sleep and workout. 
My favorite television show is...Game of Thrones.
My favorite ice cream is…chocolate chip cookie dough.
My dream travel spot is...Maldives.

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