Alexa Has Manners. Why Don’t My Kids?

So this just happened. As my wife gets ready in the bathroom, she talks to Alexa to find out the time and weather. And yes, an Alexa is in the bathroom. If you have not done this life hack yet, you really need to try it. Anyway, I listen to this every morning, and she always talks back to her like a person. One of the things she says is, “Thank you,” and the most amazing thing happened today. Alexa replied back with, “You’re welcome.” My first thought was, “OMG, if Alexa can have manners, why don’t my children?”

So, I have been thinking about this more and more, and it comes down to it’s not their fault, it’s mine. As parents, we have to take the time to teach these things to our children and force this behavior and not accept anything but the best from them.

It seems that manners and basic actions of kindness are getting fewer these days. When I grew up, I was taught to not put your elbows on the table (Thanks, Mr. Tom), hold the door open for the person behind you, and when you borrow the car, always return it with a full tank. I think these things are basic and make a big difference even more so in the days we are in.

You never know how someone’s day is going and how holding the door for them or complimenting them on their outfit can make a huge difference. I believe we can make a huge difference in our communities by these simple things. Just imagine if everywhere you went for the next 48 hours, everyone held the door open for the next person and everyone asked how your day was and really cared about the answer, and said please and thank you. It would feel like you were in a movie, but it should be that way in real life. 

So, I leave you with this thought. Why are we coding/programming our devices to have manners and say thank you, but we don’t do it or teach it ourselves?

Thank you, and have a great day.

Ps. Don’t forget to hold that door.

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31 Aug 2020

By Brandon Foreman

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