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Fun in the Summer


Back in the day, I remember waiting for summertime to come: no school, hanging out with friends, and not a care in the world. We would lay by the pool with our boombox blaring, baby oil on our skin, and Sun In or lemon juice in our hair. Man, I reall... Read full article

My Kind of News


Busy and rushed is now my new everyday life. With deadlines to meet, priorities to set, meetings to attend, dance class, soccer practice, and lately, being my kids’ personal Uber driver, there isn’t any time for anything else.... Read full article

Oh, Christmas Tree


Finally, we have made it to the last month of the year. I know I mentioned months ago that April is my favorite month because of everything we celebrate, but during Christmastime, I shine. I love pulling down all the decorations and planning out wha... Read full article

On Top of the World


You know, when I think about taking a vacation, it usually includes my feet in the sand, listening to the ocean, lots of sunscreen, and watching my kids play in the waves. I am a beach momma and will go any chance I can get. However, my husband recen... Read full article

Friends, Food, and Fireworks


If you know me, you know that I love hosting parties at my house. During the month of December, my house is full of people every weekend with different parties for friends, employees, school teams, and birthdays. Needless to say, I haven’t really had... Read full article

Adulting is Hard


The first nine weeks of school are officially in the books, and my daughter made the honor roll for the first time. Literacy & language usually gets her on the last test. This year, my twin boys are in second grade and my daughter is in eighth grade.... Read full article

New Year, New Plans


A new year brings lots of ideas on things you want to change for the year. I have learned not to set resolutions because they always seem to fail. Instead, set small attainable goals for yourself. For instance, work out three days a week, and by Febr... Read full article

Dance Mom


From the moment I knew I was going to have my daughter, I hoped she would love to dance. I wanted to dress her up like a little ballerina and watch her leap and turn across the stage. I danced all through middle and high school and remembered how muc... Read full article

April ♥


April is my favorite month of the year! Why, you ask? Many of my life’s important events have occured during the month of April. I got engaged, got married, and had my first child. My BFFs’ birthdays, lots of family birthdays, and Easter (sometimes) ... Read full article