Meet Our Team

Brandon ForemanIt’s safe to say that running Baton Rouge Parents Magazine (BRPM) is in Brandon’s blood–quite literally. He is the son of Publisher and CEO, Amy Foreman-Plaisance, and if you have a technology problem, he can solve it for you quite easily. He’s a guy you want to make sure you have in your contact list when Siri can no longer help you, because your iPhone is doing weird things.
Brandon makes sure we stay on track each month, but he also remains 10 steps ahead of us because while we are doing one thing, he has already figured out a better and more efficient way for us to do that same task.
He is a father to three children who greet him with an excited “Daddy!” every time they visit the office. For entertainment, he is a fan of Top Gun and Suits, and can even DJ–something that has come in handy at BRPM events.


Amy ForemanAmy was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota but has called Baton Rouge home since she was four years old. She’s the person in the office that keeps all the wheels in motion whether it be through helping out in editorial, working in accounting, or simply asking how you are because she genuinely cares.
When she’s not making sure we are all working toward putting together a great publication each and every month, Amy is taking care of her three children: her oldest daughter, Kylee, and her twin boys, Dylan and Tyler, who are seriously the spitting image of her and her hardworking husband, Brandon. But if it’s game day, you can bet she is dressed in purple and gold (with a purple hair streak) and in Tiger Stadium cheering on LSU.


Amanda MillerAmanda became a member of the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine family in 2012 when she began working as an Editorial Intern. And to put it simply, she never left. After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Mass Communications and Journalism degree, Amanda worked her way through the Editorial department–editing articles, writing articles, and color-coordinating her email inbox. She now manages the controlled–but still exciting–chaos in the department, and she wouldn’t change it for one second.
When she’s not working on Baton Rouge Parents Magazine’s latest and greatest idea, she enjoys spending time with her family, watching Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory, and indulging in her guilty pleasure of french fries in all forms–cheesy, waffle-y, and seasoned.


Joy HoldenAfter teaching history and English for 11 years, Joy decided to write for herself and began blogging about her life for Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. Joy’s talent and expertise in all things parenting was undeniable, and it helped land her a spot on the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine family tree. Although born in Baton Rouge, Joy has also lived in New York and Texas. She attended Baylor University, but returned to Louisiana after graduation where she met her husband of 11 years, Ross. She is the mother of two brilliant boys, Warrick and Xavier, and shares that those three men are the people she is most proud of in life.
Now, think of the nicest person you know and multiply that by 1,000 and you will have Joy. Joy has a passion for helping others and hearing stories from people from all walks of life. She truly is a living Disney princess to us, but we do worry that she may be responsible for the 2016 flood. Days before the huge flood, Joy shared that if she won the lottery, she would buy a new house with great furnishings and an awesome kitchen–well, it happened, but not after winning the lottery.


Madeline RathleMadeline is the baby of the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine (BRPM) family. While she is currently attending school at LSU, she is originally from Alabama. Don’t worry though, when it comes to LSU vs BAMA, she sides with LSU. I mean, of course we had to check!
We believe she is one step away from getting her own letter from Hogwarts, though, because she knows everything there is to know about Harry Potter. She loves the books and the films, but that’s definitely not all. She loves binge-watching Charmed, too. It’s all about the magic for her.
Madeline has a way of keeping us all “young,” but we do our best to make sure she isn’t missing out on anything from years past. While Madeline has a jam-packed schedule each and every month and press week can be a stressful time, she always feels amazed and empowered by what we accomplish here at BRPM.


Taylor VoisinTaylor lives life on the edge–so much so that she enjoys using Q-tips on her ears even though you are not supposed to. Her rebellious behavior is just one thing we love about her (she has an incredible sense of humor, too), but it’s her graphics talent that shines and the reason she joined our family last year.
Taylor was born in Hammond and moved to Central when she was eight years old. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design and graduated from LSU in 2015. Taylor loves humor, but claims that she typically laughs at things that normal people probably wouldn’t find funny.
When she’s not working magic on designing ads for clients or wrangling all aspects of the web, Taylor enjoys watching NBC’s Grimm  is very sad that NBC's Grimm was terminated and enjoys singing along to Amy Winehouse’s cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”


Karen McCullenKaren has the ability to make anyone feel like family–even if you just met her. She has a way of connecting with people–and her clients–that makes you feel as if you have known her forever. Her sense of humor is fantastic and she is always down for a good joke, which explains why Impractical Jokers is one show she can’t help but laugh along with.
She has dubbed herself the queen of naps and will take one any time or any place. She is also a mother to four children who are her life, which really explains why she wishes she had the power to control time, so she could spend more time with them. Well, she wishes she had that power and the ability to go back in time so she could have the body she had when she was 22 years old.
She loves a rain shower and sipping on a latte or red wine while enjoying a good book. Her favorite? To Kill a Mockingbird–you know, before it was cool!


Roxane VoorhiesIf you have somewhere you want to go or something new you want to try and you need someone to do it with you: call Roxane. Chances are, she is up for it! From riding camels in Morocco to visiting her daughter in Kentucky or her son in Florida, Roxane is always on an adventure, because she loves meeting new people and learning about new places. These two things make her perfect for reaching out to our community and coordinating all of our projects here at the magazine.
Roxane is the mother to three amazing children who have all left the nest to pursue big things–which gives her even more reason to travel–and because of this, she keeps two suitcases packed (one for warm weather and one for cold weather) so she is always ready to go.
If she could be a superhero, she would want to be Wonder Woman. We feel she doesn’t have to worry about that though, because she is already Wonder Woman to us!