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Why Baton Rouge Parents Magazine?

·         Influence. The only parenting magazine in the Baton Rouge area that has provided reliable information for families for more that 19 years. Baton Rouge Parents Magazine is one of the oldest, continuously published monthly magazines in Baton Rouge offering a distinctively local perspective on issues affecting families.

·         Abundance. With a circulation of over 55,000 magazines in the Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, our publication is put in the hands of parents who want to be in the know. 

·         Convenience. Baton Rouge Parents Magazine can be found in highly visible, upscale locations where parents frequent. 

·         Quality. Baton Rouge Parents Magazine is one of the most decorated parenting publications in the country, having won numerous Parenting Publications of America awards for editorial, photographic, design and productions excellence.

·         User-friendly. Quick and easy to read articles, monthly calendar or events and parenting resources.

·         Results. Delivering you the best of Baton Rouge markets, a market that has an increasing demand for your products and services and impressive spending power to buy them. We provide you the largest media reach to the families that have to most potential to drive your sales up.



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