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Family Resource Group Inc, is the parent company for Baton Rouge Parents MagazineExpecting Baton Rouge Baby, Baton Rouge Grand, Special Parents and our newest member for the Northshore area,  Northshore Parents.  Louisiana's state capital is home to more than 96,000 families and is listed as one of the top 10 cities in the south with dual-income families with children. Of these households, seventy percent are home to children who's parents are dual-earners with busy schedules and lives. That is where we come in. To help them find information about the products and services they need for their families.

Ask anyone why they like the Baton Rouge area and one comment among the various responses will be, "Baton Rouge is a great place to raise a family." Parents here know they can rely on a wide selections of safe neighborhoods, award-winning parks system, superb health care and numerous youth sports programs.

It is no secret that families with children need more of everything...more clothing, more health care services, more food and more entertainment. The goal of any business is to find and influence the primary decision makers for purchases. Parents are willing and able to buy your products and services. That's why businesses target parents and families-and receive the highest return on their investment and the most effective way to reach parents in the Baton Rouge area.

Our publications cover multiple parishes with Special Parents offering state-wide distribution locations. We are your best choice for the family market.  

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