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Micheal_Learns_to_ListenMichael Learns to Listen by Earl B. Heard is a children’s book based on an essential communication skill, listening. This new title by BIC Alliance’s publishing division BIC Media Solutions was written by its founder. Heard is an entrepreneur and accomplished motivational speaker who has educated people across the country on valuable communication skills.

The illustrations by Klaus Shmidheiser provide a background of beautiful characters and vivid colors. The plot teaches practical strategies with a fun story where children can learn to listen and understand its importance. Hopefully, children will also gain knowledge on how to better express their feelings.

Join Michael and his sisters, Hannah and Mary, who love books and came together to devise a way to help others listen better, while becoming better listeners themselves. Making eye contact, being attentive and not interrupting are some of the tips they explore in this book.

“Of all communication skills, listening is the most important,” Heard explains. “Mastering the art of listening is easy, but many people never really learn how to listen. This book can help not only children but adults, as well, learn to listen and communicate better.”

To purchase single copies of the book, visit For more information about BIC Media Solutions or to purchase books by the case at a discounted rate, contact Earl Heard at (800) 460-4242 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .







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